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Small construction waste shredders are one of the commonly used equipment in mining, but the installation of small construction waste shredders has many details that are easy to ignore. For example, the installation of horns generally uses the slurry method.

Small construction waste crusher horn installation

Since the small construction waste pulverizer belongs to a high-speed vibration machine, its foundation should be separated from other foundations or isolated as a vibration source. When the foundation was reviewed before installation, it was found that the base points were different in height and inclination. If the backing plate is directly placed on this basis, the level requirement of the backing plate cannot be guaranteed, and the contact area requirement between the upper surface of the backing plate and the bottom surface of the device cannot be achieved. Even if the base surface is leveled to ensure the level, it is quite difficult to ensure that the 32-pad foundation is at the same level. Moreover, the contact area between the bottom surface of the pad and the base surface is small, and the equipment is operated for a period of time, and the elevation and level of the pad must be changed, which deteriorates the running state of the device. The installation of the large rotating device requires strict horns. The quality of the product directly affects the service life of the equipment and the vibration after the equipment is turned, and even the problems of the small construction waste crusher in production will increase in the future. Therefore, the horn installation is a vital part of the installation quality of the equipment.

Seat method installation

By consulting relevant materials and construction drawings, and discussing and deliberating with the technical supervisor of the project, it is decided to adopt the paddle block method to pre-bury the bottom plate, and then install the non-shrinkage grouting material to pour the foundation and the equipment. The slurry method—simply puts concrete mortar between the horn and the foundation to achieve the purpose of horn installation and improve the installation quality of the horn. When the pulp is used, the level of the bottom plate is measured with a level meter, and the level above each base plate is measured by a water level meter to ensure that the heights of the respective bottom plates are the same. This also reduces the number of slabs, using only one bottom plate and one pair of slanting pads. The slurry of the slurry method is prepared by using sand, pebbles, cement, water, and the like. The mix ratio is an important part of the grouting method. The mix ratio directly affects the construction quality of the grouting method. The cement used in the grouting method uses non-shrinkage cement and high-grade cement.

There are many types of construction waste crusher, such as cone-breaking construction waste crusher, counter-breaking construction waste crusher, mobile crushing and screening equipment, etc. According to the needs of different customers, different construction waste crushers can be formulated, and Shanghai construction waste is broken. There are many manufacturers, and there are many large-scale brand enterprises. Here, we will introduce the equipment and price of Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers.

Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers equipment how to

Most of the equipment produced by Shanghai brand construction waste crusher manufacturers have the following advantages:

1. When the user purchases the construction waste crusher, it does not need any infrastructure construction, which greatly avoids the time-consuming, laborious and costly construction, and can start production in time, bringing great benefits to users.

2. The whole equipment has strong maneuverability and is more adaptable to various environments. Users can directly reach the mining site for operation, and the degree of automation is high.

3. Especially the large brand manufacturers in Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers can carry out single or multi-machine joint combination according to the production needs of different customers, so that multiple equipments can carry out single operation and multiple operations.

How is the price of Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers?

1. Different brands, Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers have different prices – because each manufacturer's brand price and promotion cost are different, in general, different brands, the same type of vehicle mobile crusher manufacturers offer different prices, but Generally speaking, the stronger the brand, the more effective the equipment quality and follow-up services.

2, the nature of the manufacturer is different, the price of Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers is different - there are many kinds of equipment manufacturers in Shanghai, but because of its certain technical content, not all mine crusher factories can produce, so the general direct selling manufacturers Only have the ability to produce on their own, such manufacturers do not have middlemen, the price of the vehicle construction waste crusher manufacturers reported generally will be more reasonable.

Mobile construction waste crushers mainly include shovel construction waste crushers, hammer construction waste crushers, cone construction waste crusher, etc. These crushing equipments are widely used in various fields such as crushing production lines and sand production lines. There are direct selling manufacturers and agents in the market for mobile construction waste crushers. How can users choose high quality and low price crushing equipment manufacturers from these manufacturers?

I. Analysis of the current situation of mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers

Mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers have a large number of brands, small brands, ordinary manufacturers, etc., the main reasons for this situation are as follows:

1. China's industry is at a high-speed development stage. There are many domestic manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Most crushing equipment manufacturers also produce mobile construction waste crushers. Mobile construction waste crushers are mostly distributed in Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. Many manufacturers have large inventories, and the prices of common crushing equipment such as shovel construction waste crushers and cone construction waste crushers are different.

2. Since the price of crushing equipment is affected by factors such as model, performance and production capacity, the quotations for stone crushing equipment in different regions are also different. According to relevant statistics, there are many manufacturers of mobile construction waste crusher in Henan, and The price of such crushing equipment such as shovel construction waste crusher, hammer construction waste crusher and cone construction waste crusher is relatively low.

Second, mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers push

Which is the manufacturer of high-quality and low-cost crushing equipment for mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers? This article recommends a domestic famous mobile construction waste crusher direct selling manufacturer - SBM Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd., which produces a wide variety of stone crushing equipment, such as shovel construction waste crusher, hammer construction waste crusher, cone construction Garbage crushers, etc., and the models of these crushing equipment are also relatively complete, and can also be professionally customized, users can be combined with the actual production needs by professional technical team to create professional crushing equipment.

At this stage, when we are dealing with construction waste, we mainly apply it to the pavement base layer and foundation filler after recycling and processing the construction waste, and produce concrete brick and concrete block. Therefore, we need to introduce a more effective construction waste crusher and carry out effective application.

1. Towards the development of lightweight and reduction

The current screening machines and crushers all have certain processing capabilities. However, because the equipment is heavy and the overall size is large, it is difficult to integrate on one platform, and the basic requirements for the mobile crusher are difficult to satisfy. Therefore, equipment with light weight and small size should be developed to ensure that construction waste can be handled more conveniently and flexibly.

2. Evolution towards automation

When dealing with construction waste, because of the high noise and harsh environment, a large amount of powder layer appears in the air, and the equipment threatens the safety of workers at high speed. When dealing with construction waste, minimizing the participation of workers and increasing the automation of the equipment will become an important equipment for handling construction waste.

3. Develop towards a diversified mission

In order to better construction waste crusher, we will be more demanding recycling technology, especially those recycled aggregate materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a more suitable construction waste treatment equipment, which has the ability to screen and crush construction waste, and ensure that these recycled aggregates can be better treated, thereby continuously improving the performance of recycled aggregates.

In recent years, SBM Industrial Technology Group manufacturers have produced a variety of mobile construction waste crusher that are sold in the market. They do not need to be promoted by themselves. They have been passed down by customers and have won praises in the market. Market reputation. Why is there such a gratifying scene? Take a closer look, the amount of information is really quite a lot, let's look at several key words of the 120tph-250tph mobile construction waste crusher:

Keywords TOP1: More than 70 models are configured, and the crushing function is fully upgraded.

Feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other modules, 72 types of models can be equipped with more advanced E-breaking machine, counter-breaking, cone breaking, vibrating screen, sand making machine and other main equipment, efficient crushing, host The equipment is switched independently to meet the needs of diverse and personalized customers.

Keywords TOP2: fast parking system, intelligent operation mode

The vehicle-mounted body combination can be walked on the front of the car, and the tires and crawlers can be selected in a variety of ways. The parking function is more flexible and flexible, ensuring that the equipment quickly enters the work (broken) mode, eliminating the complicated and trivial on-site steel frame. Arrangement and site layout design.

Keywords TOP3: comprehensive energy saving, environmentally friendly

System upgrade, comprehensive energy saving, environmental protection, reduce the troubles caused by dust, noise, etc., and also a harmonious, green and safe construction waste crusher for users.

Keywords TOP4: stand-alone operation & online crushing, both fish and bear's paw

From single application to multi-end online operation, intelligent remote computer operation workshop, various types of on-site combination, users do not have to worry about insufficient equipment output or the fine grain size of the finished stone, and the fish and bear's paw can have both, ensuring that the equipment works more efficiently. high yield.

The sales of 120tph-250tph mobile construction waste crusher is not accidental. It brings together the R&D, technology and production personnel of SBM Industrial Technology Group, and the high-tech, advanced technology concept, ingenuity and intentional production process. A high-yield, intelligent, and environmentally-friendly crusher can create higher returns for users and achieve higher user satisfaction, so that they can be so favored in the market! For more information about the equipment, please feel free to contact us online at any time.

In the process of urbanization, rubbish as a product of urban metabolism was once the burden of urban development, especially construction waste accounted for the majority of urban waste. Looking at the course of development of various countries in the world, many cities have embarrassed the situation of rubbish besieging the city. Human society will inevitably be bound by oneself at the same time. Nowadays, with the transformation of ideas and technological advances, the construction waste industry is considered to be an inexhaustible “urban mineral deposit” with development potential and a “misplaced resource”. Research shows that more than 90% of the construction waste can be used as raw materials for construction materials and reused in urbanization. This is not only the deepening and deepening of people’s understanding of construction waste, but also an inevitable requirement for urban development.

The construction waste crusher industry in China started relatively late, but through the rapid development in recent years and the increasing popularity of the country in environmental protection, China’s construction waste treatment industry has begun to take shape, and the capacity of the waste treatment market has increased significantly. The penetration rate has rapidly increased and the number of companies entering the sanitation industry has also increased rapidly. Now China's construction waste crusher market has entered the growth period from the lead-in period and is rapidly moving towards maturity.

With the environmental protection concept deeply rooted in people's minds, environmental issues have gradually attracted the attention of governments and people of all countries. Energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually become one of the world's development themes. They have begun to provide a broad development opportunity for the construction waste management industry. In the world, billions of tons of garbage are produced each year, and the average annual growth rate of garbage is 8.42%. While the growth rate of garbage in China is more than 10%, it is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It only generates nearly one billion tons of cities each year. construction rubbish. The cumulative stockpiling of municipal solid waste in China has reached 7 billion tons, of which construction waste accounts for the bulk of this. Under such a huge weight of urban waste, there is reason to believe that the waste processing industry will become the star industry in the future.

Stone is a crucial raw material for the production of reinforced concrete. It is also a relatively widely distributed resource. However, in face of the rapid market growth and long-term and disorderly exploitation, this resource has become exhausted. At the same time, the uncontrolled mining of stone materials has also led to serious soil erosion and large-scale deterioration of ecological landscape in some areas, seriously violating the country. The proposed sustainable development strategy.

On the other hand, a more difficult environmental issue is the disposal of construction waste. In recent years, China's construction waste continues to rise in volume and production, but at the same time it has not been effectively used twice, and the degree of utilization is relatively low. Therefore, whether the waste is not disposed of, or resources are not protected, these issues need to attract the attention and actions of relevant parties. The idea of ​​resource recycling for construction wastes has found a good way out for the disposal of construction waste and lack of resources.

construction waste crusher is a way to convert this waste into a variety of different types and sizes of aggregates for sand and gravel through building waste treatment equipment, and then reuse it as a building material. At present, the annual output of construction waste in China is as high as 1 billion tons, and it is still growing rapidly. If these resources can be reused, not only can they protect resources, maintain the ecological environment, but also create considerable economic and social value.

The reasonable recycling of construction waste is inseparable from the mining machinery and equipment. The mobile construction waste crushing station of SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. can be said to be a convenient and effective equipment for realizing the recycling of construction waste. It is a harmless construction waste. The reduction and resource treatment laid a solid foundation and realized the secondary use of construction waste. As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the R&D and production of construction waste treatment equipment in China, SBM Machinery focuses on further improving the environmental protection and energy-saving efficiency of construction waste crusher, and at the same time improving the working efficiency of equipment. It has won numerous domestic patent and technology awards. Products are widely used in many major national projects.

The reuse of construction waste resources is an inevitable trend for future development, and construction waste disposal equipment is the foundation. Relying on the country's good policies and publicity, we believe that in the future our lives will be more blue and clearer.

When you want to enter the mining industry, you should know which kind of crusher you would use, and how to choose the construction waste crusher is an important thing for quarry contractors. Generally, the construction waste crusher consists of stone impact crusher, jaw construction waste crusher, cone crusher and so on. Each type could be applied to construction industry, road building industry, mining industry and so on. But sometimes different types of construction waste crusher need to cooperate with each other to complete a whole production line.
The first thing we should take into consideration is the material properties. It is the best choice to analyze the nature of stone jaw crusher before the purchase. The sampling volume of materials is to initially identify the feed intake port size and maximum particle size of jaw crusher. The target of humidity, viscosity and hardness evaluation of materials is to understand the advantages of different models of jaw crusher according to the characteristics of the material itself.
The cone crusher for sale and impact crusher are more suitable for secondary crushing. Although the size of materials is limited, the cubic shape of the products makes the impact crusher become the favorite machine to produce more qualified materials. And due to its simple structure, it is much easier to operate and maintain.
Shanghai Oriental Machinery is a professional mining machinery manufacturer, which specializes in producing various types of mining equipment, such as lime kiln, ball mill, high pressure grinding mill, Raymond mill, rotary dryer, vertical roller mill, limestone calcination line, grinding production line, as well as mining machinery all Types of construction waste crushers such as cone crusher, diesel crusher, mobile crushing plant, roller crusher, jaw crusher, sand machine, impact crusher, coal hammer crusher etc. Which have passed the authentication of ISO9001, so the quality and service is top in the world. Welcome customers from all around the world to visit our company, thank you very much! If you are interested in our products, or for construction waste crusher price or rock crusher price please feel free to contact us.

With the old buildings falling down one after another, new high-rises have risen and the urban landscape has changed with each passing day. Behind these phenomena, however, is a scene of a large number of construction waste around the city. "Garbage besieged city, alarm bells ring", construction waste has become a major problem constraining the city's sustainable development. The disposal of garbage has also become a canter for urban managers to go around.

At present, stacking and landfilling are commonly used as construction waste crusher in many areas in China. This is clearly an act of drinking thirst, and it cannot achieve a virtuous circle of construction waste. Therefore, many experts, scholars and people of insight are appealing to society and the government to use scientific methods to realize the resource utilization of construction waste and protect the ecological environment.

The progress of society cannot be separated from the development of equipment. Advanced equipment not only supports the rapid development of urbanization, but also is one of the key conditions for realizing construction waste disposal. Currently widely used in the field of construction waste treatment are fixed construction waste treatment production lines and construction waste crusher, which have different advantages.

The fixed construction waste treatment production line can be flexibly combined with strong adaptability according to the domestic market conditions. Different types of crushing stations have a variety of configurations, users can also choose their own configuration according to their own needs, according to different crushing process requirements composed of "first broken after the screen", can also be composed of "first sieve after the" process, crushing and screening It can also be used alone. The crushing station can be combined into coarse and fine crushing and crushing screening systems according to actual requirements, and can also be combined into coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening systems, and can also be operated independently, with great flexibility.

The mobile crushing station can be divided into two types: tire type and crawler type according to the moving mode. It has the characteristics of strong mobility, and can be used on ordinary roads and in the work area for flexible driving. The entire equipment integrates the whole unit installation, which reduces the material consumption and man-hours consumption, and improves the flexibility of site installation. The materials can be processed on site, which greatly reduces the transportation costs of the materials. The integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently to meet various requirements such as mobile crushing and mobile screening. The operation is effective and the cost can be minimized. The product has been optimized and enhanced to provide higher strength, better performance and a more compact structure.

With the accelerating process of urbanization in China, the production of construction waste crusher, accounting for about two-fifths of urban waste, causing serious environmental pollution. In order to strengthen the management of urban construction waste and protect the city appearance and environmental sanitation, the “Management Regulations for Urban Construction Waste” was promulgated in 2005. This regulation implements the reduction, recycling, harmlessness, and production of construction waste. The principle of disposal responsibility, and encourage the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, encourage construction units, construction units to give priority to the use of comprehensive utilization of construction waste products.For a long time, because of the lack of a unified and comprehensive management method for construction waste and the lack of scientific, effective, and economical disposal technologies, the majority of construction waste has not been properly treated, and it has been transported to open air in the suburbs or simply landfilled to the environment and people. Life has caused great pollution and inconvenience. The utilization of construction waste resources is related to the coordinated development of the urban ecological environment. The comprehensive construction of China's construction waste crusher is a matter of urgency.There is no garbage in the world, only "misplaced resources in the area." Construction waste is also increasingly recognized as renewable resources.The utilization of building rubbish can be used as a road cushion, infrastructure, municipal engineering, etc., and it has good water permeability, does not freeze in water, and does not shrink.The disposal process of construction waste is also relatively simple. Through automated crushing stations for automated sorting, crushing, screening and other processes, swallowed “garbage” is transformed into “renewable resources”, and mobile breaks have unit integration. , The advantage of flexible transport can go directly to the front line of operations, reduce the cost of construction and raw material transportation, save time and effort.In recent years, SBM Heavy Industries has provided complete solutions and advanced complete sets of equipment for a number of construction waste disposal projects in Shandong, Henan, and Guangdong, and has become a contractor for many demonstration projects of construction waste recycling.

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