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Danish powerhouse Astralis will be fielding new talent for your remainder of 2017, and this time around, it involves a player who’s been out of the CS: GO spotlight for some time.

Team Dignitas is loaning Ruben “RUBINO” Villarroel to Astralis for the last two large international events of 2017: the ESL Pro League Time of year Six Finals and the ECS Season 4 Finals. He will fill up the vacated position that Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz left, because the star AWPer is on extended medical leave. Dev1ce is expected to make his return to the group at the Boston Major in January, however only if his condition improves.

Initially, it had been reported that Astralis were ready to skip the EPL Finals because of a pending attract WESA–ESL’s team-governing bodym regarding the use of GODSENT’s Dennis Edman instead. Since Astralis lacked an immediate substitute, the actual team’s options had been limited to coach Danny “zonic” Sørensen. Great it’s become evident that Astralis had been allowed to use gamers outside ESL’s group for the finals.

RUBINO didn’t participate in either the ESL Pro League or the ESEA Premier Division in the latter half of 2017, mostly because of his team’s struggles in order to fill their roster. His time upon Dignitas has been characterized by disappointment, as the group has failed to qualify for almost every top-tier occasion in 2017. The final big tournament that RUBINO competed in was the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta in January Csgo skins for sale under North, where they completed top eight. Luckily for RUBINO, Dignitas hinted that they'll continue competition with a full team in 2018.

“I have to say that playing with our 4th line-up in the last four tournaments does not exactly increase our possibilities to prepare optimally and to find our tempo on the team, ” zonic said in the organization's Facebook announcement. “We have had an excellent year, and we intend to finish the way we started! ”

RUBINO can be seen in Astralis colors next week through Dec. 5 in order to 10 at the ESL Pro League Time of year Six Finals and the following week through Dec. 15 in order to 17 at the ECS Season Four Finals.

The actual sixth installment from the ESL Pro Group Finals is nearing fast, and because it’s the last ESL event of the year, there’s a lot to be excited about.

ESL’s last event of 2017 will be hosted in Odense, Denmark, along with 12 of the world’s best teams contending for a total reward pool of $750, 000. Six teams from both North America and Europe are ready to take the world CS: GO stage from Dec. 5 to 10, and they had been the top in their particular 12-team regions. North America will be represented by Team Liquid, Luminosity Gaming, OpTic Gaming, SK Gaming, Misfits, and NRG Esports and Europe will have Fnatic, FaZe Clan, Astralis, North, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and HellRaisers to play in the Sparekassen Fyn Industry.

As for the maps, any in the current Active Responsibility pool can be possibly vetoed or picked—Cache, Cobblestone, Inferno, Nuke, Mirage, Overpass, and Train.

Teams had been selected for their groups by the higher seeded teams. These rosters were able to choose that team they didn’t want in their match up pool, so that the groups could be balanced. The base teams of each swimming pool weren’t able to Csgo skins for sale place teams into the other group because of their low season league seeds. Below are the two sets of groups for your opening stage.

Group Yellow

Fnatic (Chose SK Gaming with regard to Group Red)

FaZe Clan (Chose To the north for Group Red)

Astralis (Chose Ninjas in Pyjamas with regard to Group Red)

Group Liquid (Chose Misfits for Group Red)

HellRaisers (Chose NRG Esports for Group Red)

Luminosity Gaming

Group Red

OpTic Gaming (Chose FaZe Clan for Group Yellow)

SK Gaming (Chose Astralis with regard to Group Yellow)

To the north (Chose Team Fluid for Group Yellow)

Ninjas in Pyjamas (Chose HellRaisers with regard to Group Yellow)


NRG Esports

The actual Group Stage

The actual opening matches will consist of a best-of-one, Round Robin file format for both groups. The top three teams from Group Red-colored and Yellow will advance to the 8 team championship group. Each group’s first place team will generate themselves a one-way ticket to the semifinals, while the CSGO Skins second and third place teams will compete in the quarterfinals. ESL released the schedule last week for the initial fits, which will be from Dec. 5 to 6.

The Playoff Stage

Once the 6 playoff teams in the finals are determined, the remaining contenders will play in a best-of-three, single-elimination bracket till two teams are left for the grand finals. To conclude the five-day event, the best-of-five match on Dec. 10 will decide the champion of the ESL Professional League Season Six Finals.

Counter-Strike is not just a perform for young people, because Silver Snipers gamers play between sixty two and 81, plus they enjoy playing because their younger counterparts. Of course , there is a group in Sweden wherever CS: GO is very popular.

Their typical age is 70 years

They are getting yourself ready for a competition

Unlike appearance, they are not just fun, their main goal is to achieve success in Dreamhacken in Jönköping in December.

"It will be very exciting, we look forward to it, and the ones Buy CSGO Skins young people who will become underestimated will be surprised, " Knitting Knight said

They train with a trainer

The team of the elderly works at home, but after three occasions, they always talk with their coach to discuss things to improve their own performance. The trainer is a former gamer of Tommy inch Potti " Ingemarsson, NIP and SK Gaming, who received more than 10 times with his team.

"They are great and really want to learn, they are incredibly able to absorb new information" / Potti

Zainab ‘zAAz’ Turkie reprimanded a ridiculous knife attempt in a one vs . 3 scenario against Russian Forces during the female WESG Europe and CIS Regional Finals in Barcelona.

The fail occurred during the Great Final when Ruskies Forces met the actual Swedish Dynasty fe roster which includes the likes of Julia ‘juliano’ Kiran.

The Russian group had the upper hands for the majority of the match up as Anna ‘Ant1ka’ Ananikova had a particularly strong performance throughout.

The first map, Cache, went to Russian Forces 16-10 despite this being Dynasty’s option.

Moving onto Ruskies Forces’ map, Inferno, things became significantly closer with the 2 teams trading rounds backwards and forwards.

Holding a slim 11-10 lead on the CT part, Russian forces looked set to extend their advantage as they mowed the force buying T side down to just one member, Zainab ‘zAAz’ Turkie, against four.

The Swedish veteran traded among the kills almost instantly however was still against three Russian Forces players with nothing but a P250. However , Alyona ‘Candy’ Kuvaeva then inexplicably drawn her knife out and began to cost at zAAz.

The knife attempt is one of the more questionable performs that were on display during the Csgo skins for sale tournament and the fact that zAAz was then able to succeed two long variety engagements with her P250 over weapons makes the fail much more hilarious.

The chart would eventually end up going to a dual overtime but Ruskies Forces finally prevailed with a 22-19 triumph to claim the actual title which included a $10, 000 payday advance and one of the places at the World Finals.

The final placings for your tournament were:

one Russian Forces: $10, 000 & World Finals Spot

second . Dynasty fe: $4, 000 & World Finals Spot

three. LEGO: $2, 000 & World Finals Spot

4. Romania fe

5-6. ParadokS

5-6. Chocolates and Beers

7-8. Norway fe

7-8. Greatest Boniatos Ever

GODSENT were able to overcome Area Soldiers in the semi-final of the WESG EU & CIS Regional Finals, after which match we talked to Fredrik "freddieb" Buö about player modifications, mentality and more.

The actual Swedes had the slow start to the actual tournament, having to return against Endpoint in the first game to secure up the 16-14 victory, but picked up pace since the tournament went on, lastly beating Belgium as well as Space Soldiers in the playoffs to move onto the grand final.

Within a chat with Fredrik "freddieb" Buö, we discovered the issues GODSENT experienced, Hampus "hampus" Poser taking over the in-game leadership, and the aged Epsilon lineup.

I'll jump right into you having two modifications recently, dennis as well as znajder leaving the actual team. I think dennis had a short discuss it, he declared the team was missing discipline and team play. Can you discuss that, is that a fair assessment of GODSENT before?

Yeah I think it's a fair evaluation, I was coming in since the in-game leader and that was new for me personally, so it was really difficult, and usually, in-game leaders are very skilled. We were lacking a little bit of structure, everyone wanted to do so much in the game, everyone was going for solo plays, trying to win the games on their own. And if we were losing to lesser groups, like when we performed online qualifiers, people got tilted very easily.

I think the team chemistry was wrong, because, well, dennis and znajder aren't bad players, they may be Csgo skins for sale both very skilled, we saw that with dennis in BLAST, he had been playing really good.

Coming in contact with on znajder particularly, he was in GODSENT since the team had been made practically. Do going through all the modifications, fnatic coming in each and every three or six months, did that kind of demotivate him about playing here? Was that a part of their departure as well?

I think so , I've not been in the team for so long but I think he changed his role a lot. He was in no way comfortable with the way this individual was playing. Once the new guys arrived, he was trying to support them, trying to be the good guy, and he stopped nurturing about his own performance. I still think he is a very skilled guy, he just needs to find their role again.

A person decided to use pyth and hampus right here, why did you choose these two players?

We can start with hampus, that was because we wanted to try out a new in-game leader, someone who is very hungry, because he could be in-game leading right now, not me. He's been doing very well.

pyth we chose because we have to play with in ECS in EPL, the guys have also played with him prior to, so it's a pretty organic choice. Both of the guys have been performing great so I'm very happy with them.

Exactly what were the objectives here, coming having a new lineup virtually?

Our minimal goal was to qualify for China, in my head at least. Then all of us just kept on rolling, seeing how far we can go, and now we would like to win the whole tournament.

Starting in the group stage, it was pretty shaky in the first game, you made the comeback in the end against Endpoint and then it started searching much better, I would say. How did that go for your team, what was the environment like moving with the matches?

At the start, all of us didn't feel very comfy, we were a bit unstable. Personally, I was actively playing pretty poorly at the start. But we just tried to keep the actual communication up and become motivated, keep the spirit up and work it back. And that we knew that we had been better than them, and we could beat all of them.

The last match you played here, against Space Soldiers, you played Cache against them, a map they had a lot of achievement on. As fairly of a mix, you most likely have a smaller map pool, but why have you decided to let it in?

Cache is simply pretty easy for a combination to play as well. We practiced it 1 time, we knew that it can be their best map, but I think we performed pretty good. They received both pistol units, if we won a minumum of one pistol round, I think it would've been a whole different story. I think the reason all of us let it through had been that we feel comfortable onto it, it's easier to perform that than Cobble or Train or whatever.

In the end, you closed it from the second two maps, what do you think had been the key parts in closing out the series?

We never stopped believing, we kept speaking, we were playing with the actual mentality that we are going to beat them. We just kept on grinding. I'm really happy with the guys, we performed really well.

What do you think was the cause of the big change in mentality, evaluating the one you have right now to the one prior to? What was the ignite?

I think that people, generally, are more hungry, more motivated. For dennis, who was on the top, I realize that coming the following is not as motivating. Me, I'm a bit rising, I'm much more starving I guess, to work the way to the top.

You now and disco doplan are in GODSENT, and you have REZ and draken in NiP, that was the core of the old Epsilon lineup. Do you ever think back to that team, if this had stuck together could it happen to be a good team?

Yeah, me and draken talk about it occasionally, we are still good friends. We probably could've been good, but I think it's good that we split methods and gained encounter in other ways. There were so many close games that could've broken us through when we were playing in Epsilon. But I'm really happy they are doing good, and that I and disco are doing good.

Out of the four, you needed the longest street, building up to Cheap CSGO Skins this degree. Why do you think that was?

I don't know truly, I was playing much more of a supportive part, I didn't sparkle so much in Epsilon. I had a tough period when I didn't play so good, and the other guys tend to be talented as well, I don't know.

I won't say anyone is better than the other, but I think I had been just the support guy. I'm not mad about being the last one picked up or whatever, it's been a good journey.

You are onto the finals, but moving past this event, your own roster still isn't defined as far as I know. What is the considering, is hampus going to stay, is there any talk about that?

I have no clue right now, we will see how this goes there. It can already going well, but we will talk about that when we get home.

Popular YouTuber, Virre CS: PROCEED, has released a wonderful frag movie which highlights some of the best plays at the recent IEM Oakland 2017 event.

Popular YouTuber, Virre CS: GO, has released a stunning frag movie that highlights some of the best plays at the recent IEM Oakland 2017 event.

For anybody that missed the $300, 000 tournament, this 5 minute video might be Buy CSGO Skins precisely what you’re looking for as it captures the extreme moments and epic frags to excellence.

Known for his event highlight videos, Virre will have had a huge amount of content to select from for IEM Katowice as we noticed some ridiculous photos from start to complete.

Legendary Swedish team NiP eventually arrived on top of the tournament after defeating FaZe Clan in a race best-of-five series. The Grand Final alone would have produced enough clips to create a mini-fragmovie all on its own.

But there were ridiculous plays from start to complete at the event, such as clips from groups like EnVyUs as well as Mongolz who were removed during the group stage.

The full spectacle was released on YouTube on November 21st, just 2 days after the event concluded.

Virre shows Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg’s ridiculous double Desert Eagle kill against Cloud9 on Overpass from the Swede’s perspective and it is just as beautiful since the casters imagined.

This individual also shows the Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham clutch against Astralis on Train, as well as Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander jumping Csgo skins for sale AWP no-scope against SK Gaming.

Almost every memorable clutch system or kill from the tournament has been included, but Virere states that he could not get all of them as “some demos were lacking at the HLTV website, for example the 3k deagle from Rain”.

Travis "wizard" Richardson has announced his departure from Kings via Tweet.

Following mixed outcomes, where Kings finished top four in eXTREMESLAND 2017, still did not make it out of groups at the Asia Minor, alongside a third location finish at the ZEN League Season 2 Finals, caused the actual Aussies to decide that a change was your best option moving forward.

Travis "wizard" Richardson revealed upon TwitLonger that he is no longer a part of the actual team, due to his "passion and dedication these past 2 months has been unacceptable and unfair" to his teammates.

On those grounds, the Australian-Kiwi blend will immediately look for a new alternative, while wizard programs to resume his university studies next year.

With the Australian playoffs for ESEA MDL right around the corner, Nobleman are Cheap CSGO Skins now one-man brief following the 21-year-old's elimination:

Chris "emagine" Rowlands

Simon "Sico" Williams

Jay "liazz" Tregillgas

Jordan "Hatz" Bajic

Matt "dayV1D" David (coach)

SK have defeated FaZe 2-1 in Saint. Petersburg, Russia to advance to the playoffs at EPICENTER 2017 (7-16 on Inferno, 16-2 on Overpass, 16-8 on Mirage).

The Group The winners' match kicked off on Inferno where the T-sided SK won the pistol round despite possessing a 3vs5 disadvantage. The Brazilians made it 4-0 after winning the first weapon round by claiming yet another 3vs5 win.

SK were leading 7-3 in the first half whenever Finn "karrigan"Andersen & Nikola "NiKo" Kovač took the reins and led FaZe to an 8-7 first half victory. Håvard "rain" Nygaard's triple kill in the 2nd half pistol circular made it 9-7 and the European squad received two rounds towards ecos to get to 11 rounds (11-7).

Epitacio "TACO" de Melo got two starting kills for his CT-sided team in the Csgo skins for sale first weapon circular of the second half but FaZeclutched the actual 3vs5 with Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer as well as karrigan's kills. FaZe then extended their streak to 13 rounds and received the map 16-7.

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's team started Overpass on the CT-side as well as won the first 5 rounds. Two starting kills by NiKo gave FaZe their first round but they couldn't penetrate SK's defense throughout the remaining half and trailed 13-2 at halftime. The destruction continued in the second half which saw SK close out the game by picking up 3 rounds on the T-side to close out the map 16-2.

Within the last map, Mirage, SK won the first three rounds on the CT-side. FaZe responded by picking up the first weapon round (3-1). SK looked like they were running away using the half when they experienced a 7-3 lead but FaZe held on and got four more rounds. SK were forward with an 8-7 scoreline at halftime.

The Brazilian team received the first four rounds in the second half but lost the actual fifth round to FaZe's pistols (12-8). SK responded a round later because FalleN clutched a 1vs1 post-plant towards olofmeister who was trying to defuse the explosive device (13-8). SKfinished away Mirage with a 16-8 score and received the series 2-1, advancing to the playoffs.

The 2nd day of activity at EPICENTER 2017 has come to a close, and the stage is set for four from the world’s best groups to battle it out for the first 2 playoff spots in St. Petersburg, Russia.

FaZe Clan is set to compete against SK Gaming within the winners’ match of Group A, while G2 Esports will be playing North within the Group B winners’ match. Both FaZe and North won their first fits of the event against Gambit Esports as well as Team Liquid along with 2-1 scores.

FaZe’s match against Gambit consisted of two roadmaps going the distance in to overtime. Map 1 Train went in favor of Gambit, with a close overtime scoreline of 19-16. Inferno, but was traded out by FaZe, once they were successful in a frag-fest on their Terrorist side—the map finished 16-9. The final map of the series, Cache, was the most contested of the matchup, as it went to double overtime with rounds being traded throughout. The phenomenal 47 eliminate performance from Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs and a skillful one-on-two clutch at match stage from Nikola “NiKo” Kovac finally place FaZe ahead of the CIS-region team at 22-20.

Liquid started off powerful in their match against North on Csgo skins for sale Inferno with a 16-14 scoreline, but the North Americans revealed signs of weakness towards the end from the map. North after that found their stride early on as Terrorists in map 2 Mirage, and they could close it out 16-11 despite a small comeback from Liquid. Cobblestone, the match up decider, was a restricted match until the 2nd half, where North’s fortified defenses won them consecutive units and the match with an additional 16-11 score. Notably, Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke averaged 24 eliminates per map within the Danish victory.

FaZe will play SK at 10am ET tomorrow, and North will go up against G2 at 1pm ET.

According to Keven "PLAYER1" Champagne's recent Tweets, his team-FRENCH CANADIANS-will not attend the actual Americas Minor due to visa issues.

FRENCH CANADIANS made head lines earlier this week having a win over Immortals which eliminated the Brazilian side and obtained Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik and co. the slot at the forthcoming Americas Minor Championship for the ELEAGUE 2018 Major.

However , even though the LAN will require place in Toronto, Canada, FRENCH CANADIANS will never be able to attend the event due to visa problems. It is more than likely that the player that cannot make the trip is actually Mert "REOVA" Bayrak, a Turkish nationwide living in the United States.

Because of rules which do not let standins at the Minor, FRENCH Csgo skins for sale CANADIANS will have to concede their port. Their replacement is not really known at this point, with any one of Immortals, SoaRand Misfits being a potential one, as they all finished the actual Swiss group stage with a 2-2 document.

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