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SK have defeated FaZe 2-1 in Saint. Petersburg, Russia to advance to the playoffs at EPICENTER 2017 (7-16 on Inferno, 16-2 on Overpass, 16-8 on Mirage).

The Group The winners' match kicked off on Inferno where the T-sided SK won the pistol round despite possessing a 3vs5 disadvantage. The Brazilians made it 4-0 after winning the first weapon round by claiming yet another 3vs5 win.

SK were leading 7-3 in the first half whenever Finn "karrigan"Andersen & Nikola "NiKo" Kovač took the reins and led FaZe to an 8-7 first half victory. Håvard "rain" Nygaard's triple kill in the 2nd half pistol circular made it 9-7 and the European squad received two rounds towards ecos to get to 11 rounds (11-7).

Epitacio "TACO" de Melo got two starting kills for his CT-sided team in the Csgo skins for sale first weapon circular of the second half but FaZeclutched the actual 3vs5 with Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer as well as karrigan's kills. FaZe then extended their streak to 13 rounds and received the map 16-7.

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's team started Overpass on the CT-side as well as won the first 5 rounds. Two starting kills by NiKo gave FaZe their first round but they couldn't penetrate SK's defense throughout the remaining half and trailed 13-2 at halftime. The destruction continued in the second half which saw SK close out the game by picking up 3 rounds on the T-side to close out the map 16-2.

Within the last map, Mirage, SK won the first three rounds on the CT-side. FaZe responded by picking up the first weapon round (3-1). SK looked like they were running away using the half when they experienced a 7-3 lead but FaZe held on and got four more rounds. SK were forward with an 8-7 scoreline at halftime.

The Brazilian team received the first four rounds in the second half but lost the actual fifth round to FaZe's pistols (12-8). SK responded a round later because FalleN clutched a 1vs1 post-plant towards olofmeister who was trying to defuse the explosive device (13-8). SKfinished away Mirage with a 16-8 score and received the series 2-1, advancing to the playoffs.

The 2nd day of activity at EPICENTER 2017 has come to a close, and the stage is set for four from the world’s best groups to battle it out for the first 2 playoff spots in St. Petersburg, Russia.

FaZe Clan is set to compete against SK Gaming within the winners’ match of Group A, while G2 Esports will be playing North within the Group B winners’ match. Both FaZe and North won their first fits of the event against Gambit Esports as well as Team Liquid along with 2-1 scores.

FaZe’s match against Gambit consisted of two roadmaps going the distance in to overtime. Map 1 Train went in favor of Gambit, with a close overtime scoreline of 19-16. Inferno, but was traded out by FaZe, once they were successful in a frag-fest on their Terrorist side—the map finished 16-9. The final map of the series, Cache, was the most contested of the matchup, as it went to double overtime with rounds being traded throughout. The phenomenal 47 eliminate performance from Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs and a skillful one-on-two clutch at match stage from Nikola “NiKo” Kovac finally place FaZe ahead of the CIS-region team at 22-20.

Liquid started off powerful in their match against North on Csgo skins for sale Inferno with a 16-14 scoreline, but the North Americans revealed signs of weakness towards the end from the map. North after that found their stride early on as Terrorists in map 2 Mirage, and they could close it out 16-11 despite a small comeback from Liquid. Cobblestone, the match up decider, was a restricted match until the 2nd half, where North’s fortified defenses won them consecutive units and the match with an additional 16-11 score. Notably, Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke averaged 24 eliminates per map within the Danish victory.

FaZe will play SK at 10am ET tomorrow, and North will go up against G2 at 1pm ET.

According to Keven "PLAYER1" Champagne's recent Tweets, his team-FRENCH CANADIANS-will not attend the actual Americas Minor due to visa issues.

FRENCH CANADIANS made head lines earlier this week having a win over Immortals which eliminated the Brazilian side and obtained Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik and co. the slot at the forthcoming Americas Minor Championship for the ELEAGUE 2018 Major.

However , even though the LAN will require place in Toronto, Canada, FRENCH CANADIANS will never be able to attend the event due to visa problems. It is more than likely that the player that cannot make the trip is actually Mert "REOVA" Bayrak, a Turkish nationwide living in the United States.

Because of rules which do not let standins at the Minor, FRENCH Csgo skins for sale CANADIANS will have to concede their port. Their replacement is not really known at this point, with any one of Immortals, SoaRand Misfits being a potential one, as they all finished the actual Swiss group stage with a 2-2 document.

TeamOne member Bruno "bit" Lima has confirmed that he has linked plan Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe and with the 3 Immortals benched players.

In a Twitlonger post, the 27-year-old exposed that he was first approached by Henrique "HEN1" Teles and Vito "kNgV-"Giuseppe days prior to TeamOne competed in the ESEA Season twenty five Global Challenge, which ran from September 23-24.

Bruno "bit" Lima, who is reputed for his time along with iconic 1 . six teams like mibr, FireGamers and complexness, explained that he openly discussed his future with his team as well as expressed his desire to play alongside the actual former Immortals players, who hold a spot at ELEAGUE Main: Boston as 3 of them were section of the roster that finished in second location at PGL Main Krakow.

The verification comes just a 7 days after HEN1 as well as Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles revealed on Cheap CSGO Skins Social Media that their brand new team was "set" and that it would be introduced "soon".

All players on the team except kNgV- are still under contracts, which means that any kind of organisation willing to sign the team will certainly first have to purchase them out of their present deals. Still, interest in the roster appears to be building as little bit revealed that they have been approached by a amount of organisations already.

"We are all very happy as well as excited to start exercising as soon as possible, " little bit wrote.

"However, we are still under agreement with our organisations, and that we are open to discussions. We are already in contact with some organisations as we want to play as quickly as possible.

"Any organisation desperate to contact me can email me (brunobit1@gmail. com) or DM me on Twitter. "

Epic Esports Events has confirmed that TyLoo have been invited to compete in the EPICENTER Wildcard qualifier.

The Chinese giants join Liquid, FaZe and Vega Squadron, who all managed to secure spots in the wildcard stage through regional qualifiers.

These four groups will face off on October 23 in a single-elimination, best-of-three bracket, with the best two teams advancing to EPICENTER's main competition, which will possess $500, 000 on offer.

This will be TyLoo's very first offline competition since signing Csgo skins for sale Vladyslav "bondik" Nechyporchuk on a immediate loan from HellRaisers. The Ukrainian player will fill in for the Chinese team in EPICENTER, the Asia Minor and SL i-League Invitational Shanghai in china.

FaZe tend to be through to the semi-finals at ELEAGUE Premier following a comprehensive 2-0 victory over EnVyUs (16-12 on Nuke and 16-3 upon Overpass).

The first map of the series was Nuke, EnVyUs' map pick, where the initial stages were performed at a frantic speed. FaZe started points off with a W retake, thanks to dual kills from Finn "karrigan" Andersen and Nikola "NiKo" Kovač, but, for a while, the actual match was a back-and-forth affair as teams kept trading rounds.

It was only 6 rounds into the game that a team finally managed to string rounds together. With a very tight defence, FaZe got a foothold in the game and guaranteed a 5-2 lead, but then EnVyUs' offense came to life, along with five of the next six rounds going the Frenchmen's method. It looked like EnVyUs had discovered complete formula, but the last two rounds visited the European blend, who took a narrow 8-7 lead.

FaZe further put into their lead if you take the pistol round, courtesy of a trio of kills through karrigan, and the following anti-ecos. The first full gun round additionally went FaZe's method, after they turned a seemingly lost 2v2 situation around.

With FaZe winning every close situation, they hit map point without dropping just one Buy CSGO Skins round in the 1 / 2. A last-gasp effort from EnVyUs still earned them 5 rounds, but, right after calling a tactical pause, the European mixture managed to put the game to bed.

Map two, Overpass, began with EnVyUs winning a very strong pistol round, only to collapse in the following anti-eco round. That eco victory sparked a massive run through FaZe, who would continue to win 9 rounds in a row, most of them pretty convincingly.

Down 9-1, EnVyUs managed to break the actual CT's streak off of three kills through Christophe "SIXER" Xia, but once again that they had to deal with a hard totally reset. This time around, the European mixture would not take their foot off the gas, closing out your half with a ordering 13-2 lead.

FaZe piled more misery on EnVyUs having a clean A execute in the pistol round, with NiKo getting three kills to his name. After hitting match point, the European blend dropped a round against an EnVyUs team on a shoddy buy, but they quickly wrapped things up, clinching the match with a trio of eliminates from Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer.

Tainted Minds and Kings have been asked to the Asia Small, finalizing the group list for the occasion.

After the first six teams to be asked to the Asia Small were found out yesterday, with the likes of Renegades, TyLoo and TheMongolz being on the list, the last 2 invites have been revealed today.

Both asked teams hail from the Oceanic region, with Chris "emagine" Rowlands's Kings and Reflectivity of the gold Minds, who lately added Yaman "yam" Ergenekon, getting the request.

With all the attending groups now known, it is confirmed that the invite-only event won't function the recent CSGO Skins DreamHack Masters Malmö attendees B. O. To. T-d[S], Aussie ESEA S25 champions Grayhound nor anyone from the SEA region, with Recca being the most likely candidate there.

The Asia Minor Championship will certainly feature a Minor-standard $50, 000 prize pool, as well as two seat tickets for the Major qualifier that will be held through January 12-15 in Atlanta.

Due to overlap with the Minor, MVP PK, Kings and TheMongolzwon't be going to the ROG MASTERS 2017 APAC qualifiers in Manila Bay, Philippines, leaving the actual tournament organizer with three spots in order to fill.

Astralis begin their operate at ELEAGUE Premier with a win over red-hot Liquid to move on to the winners' match.

Right after swaying away from Overpass at ESL One New York, Astralis left the map in to the pool, and the randomizer picked it for the best-of-one opening match up.

Liquid began their own T side with an A execute, but Peter"dupreeh" Rasmussen and Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander put up a solid protection and picked up the pistol round. In spite of losing multiple players both rounds, Astralis followed up with 2nd and third round Csgo skins for sale wins, putting their own CT economy within a good position. The well-timed flash by the Danes led to Liquid getting shut down within round 5, and Astralis further prolonged their lead.

Astralis continued their dominating run on the CT side, with Liquid unable to pick up the round. This transformed in round 11, in which Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken got some tremendous entry kills on the W site. Liquid after that managed only two more rounds within the first half, that they finished with a 3-12 deficit.

Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz kicked from the second half having a double kill with the Dual Elites, opening up the possibility of a return. The second round arrived down to a one on a single, withNick "nitr0" Cannella keeping his team in the game by taking down Nicolai "device" Reedtz on the A site. The triple kill fromMarkus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye within the 19th round cracked open the The bombsite and guaranteed Astralis their thirteenth round. The Danish powerhouse converted the next round to put them up to 14.

nitr0, put into a tight spot, called for a force buy, and because of some heroics from Twistzz and nitr0 himself, Liquid continued to be in the game. The Americans managed to string a few rounds together, stabilizing their economy, and furthered the return effort. An amazing retake in CSGO Skins round 25 from Twistzzand stanislaw won Liquid their own 10th round, and deniedAstralis the map win. The final round was a back and forth event, but Astralis won the trade battle and closed out your map, 16-11.

Following years of player-led lobbying, Valve provides reintroduced graffiti sprays to Counter-Strike. There is, however , a catch.

Lacking since Counter-Strike: Source, graffiti mists have now been added to Counter Affect: Global Offensive as consumable behaviour which means players can obtain them in a of three ways: purchasing individual shapes from the Steam Market; purchasing Graffiti Boxes which "feature art produced by Steam Community Artists"; or accumulating patterns via free weekly declines as rewards for ranking way up.

Now, while modern Counter-Strikers are usually pretty accustomed to monetisation a process which usually inadvertently facilitated the recent epidermis betting scandals Valve has also utilized restrictions to the use of the sprays in-game.

As outlined in this Steam Neighborhood Q&A update, once players unseal graffiti, they can apply the routine 50 times (players who unseal a graffiti pattern already located in their inventory will receive an additional 55 charges to their existing supply). Participants can only apply graffiti once for every round, however or every forty-five seconds if matches run more time and one application of graffiti lasts merely seven minutes and "degrades as time passes until it is no longer visible. "

Look into the Q&A in its entirety for the minutiae of the matter.Buy CSGO Skins  A few threads have got popped up on the CS: MOVE subreddit, where some players are not appearing best pleased with Valve's decision observe here and here many of whom contemplate it a cash-grabbing exercise.

I've certainly not played CS: GO for a long time me personally, so I'd like to put this one to you personally guys: how do you feel about the returning of graffiti sprays in this fa?onnage? www.csgo4sale.com

This particular opinion seemed to be shared by many professional players when the switch first occurred, as many players were critical from the map on social media and the majority associated with teams banned out the new Nuke in any pro matches. However , 1 team that seemed to be happy concerning the change was Ninjas in Pyjamas, who were one of the best teams on the aged version of Nuke.

We are into Nuke, says Adam "friberg" Friberg from NiP. We played Nuke a lot before it was removed also it was probably our go to chart. We are very excited to have the idea back, but we probably need to know more time to be the best on it.

The initial version of Nuke was a really divisive map. Some teams, for example NiP, would always pick the item, while others would avoid it such as the plague. This new version seems to have an identical reputation, but even players who had been considered to be some of the best in the world on the initial version are still not sold on brand new Nuke, and preferred the Tormento map that it replaced.

I was not really a fan when they removed Nuke initially, I think people who didn't play Nuke back then didn't know how to play them properly, says Finn "karrigan" Andersen, captain of Astralis. As for obtaining Inferno, I started to like it increasingly more. In the beginning it was very Counter-Terrorist on the sides but they made a lot of changes, particularly with the new round time, to really make it better. I feel sad that they eliminated it, especially switching it having a Nuke that I don't think is prepared yet. What I worry about the most is that Nuke gets updated all the time, and they are creating changes all the time on the map. Whenever I invest time now I feel concerned that there will be a big up-date because something happened that Device didn't like.

Of course removing Sofferenza was always going to annoy many people, especially the teams that performed the map a lot. CSGO Skins But taking a look at the competitive map pool generally there aren't all that many other options to get, as the maps are all pretty satisfied outside of Nuke. www.csgo4sale.com

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