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Jenny, my former colleague, had to get rid of the cat tattoo on her back. Every time, when she went to the hospital to wash her tattoo, she cried and said it really hurt. Later, I changed a beauty salon where they took a tattoo with a laser instead of a liquid medicine. I am curious, after understanding, laser machines are so popular to remove tattoos. So what kind of machine is so amazing, SK-EILY tells you.

In general, Q Switche laser machine are best for removing tattoos. Professional tattoos are located on the dermis, and amateur tattoos are typically located in the epidermis or dermis. Therefore, in order to remove the tattoo without any residue, we need to break the pigment in the dermis layer.

Typically, there are two treatment heads on the tattoo remover, 1064 nm, and 532 nm. The 1064nm laser is best suited for black, cyan, blue, brown and other colors. For coffee red, purple, brown, etc., 532nm has a good cleaning effect. Therefore, if the tattoo is above the color, it is easy to remove. However, if it is green and fluorescent, it also requires other wavelength treatment heads. Some chemically synthesized materials, such as fluorescent colors, are more difficult to remove.

Advantages of Q Switched tattoo removal Machine:

1. Does not damage the skin, if the color is darker, it can be treated more times.

2. Do not leave any scars.

3. Safe, convenient and fast recovery period.

There is no anesthetic and there is almost no pain.

After treatment, pay attention to protect the skin from the sun, no moisture on the skin, no spicy food.


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