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Tattoos are a form of body art in which a design is created by changing the pigment by inserting dyes and pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. The cosmetics industry continues to see the trend of tattoos becoming more popular. These days tattoos act as permanent makeup, neutralize skin discoloration, enhance eyebrows, lining lips and eyes, and even make beautiful cockroaches.

Tattoos have been practiced for centuries, and unfortunately, some people later regretted their tattooed parts. At the time, it seemed that a good idea might cause problems in later life, including psychological distress. For others, this can lead to difficulties in getting employment.

Tattoo removal:

No matter what the reason you want to remove the tattoo, you want it to be safe, effective and painless to remove.

The main points to remember:

This area should not be exposed to sunlight for at least 20 to 30 days prior to removal.

If there is hair in the tattoo area, be sure to remove it 1 or 2 days before treatment.

Remember the main points after treatment:

After treatment, the treatment area should be increased.

Use a sunscreen with a higher SPF to protect the treatment area from direct sunlight.

The treated area should not be in contact with very warm processing or temperature.

Ice should be used once or twice a day, along with antibiotic ointment.

There are many Q Switch tattoo removal Machine today. Not all tattoos are the same. WUHAN SK-EILY Technology's latest portable microlaser printer is used for various tattoo removal.

How does the laser work:

When light energy is imparted to the area, the ink or pigment absorbs light energy, which destroys its mechanism in the dermis layer. Once the laser breaks down the ink into smaller pieces, it is then eliminated by the natural process of exfoliation through the body skin, repeated every 20 to 40 days. You will find a reduction in tattoo inks for each treatment.

How many sessions do I need to delete?

In fact, it all depends on the color of the tattoo. Brown or black tattoos are usually removed in 8 to 10 sessions.

Other colors are difficult to treat. They can fade to a large extent, but they won't be completely removed, and it takes 10 to 15 sessions to do so.

This is our Q Switch laser machine, if you want more details, you can visit our website https://www.sk-eily.com.

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